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Rainbow Home Care Services
Face-to-Face trainings

Manual and handling:

Course Content:

▪ Spinal mechanics and function
▪ Importance of back care and posture, risk factors for back pain
▪ Current relevant legislation and professional guidelines where relevant
▪ Safe management of inanimate loads
▪ Handling strategies for clients with impaired mobility
▪ Dealing with unpredictable occurrences
▪ Use of equipment
▪ Assessment of risks addressing: – tasks (including unexpected) – the limits of individuals capability (their own and that of others) – loads (both inanimate and human) – environment and the importance of good housekeeping
▪ Importance of ergonomic approach
▪ Principles of normal human movement and promotion of client
▪ Problem solving

▪ Moving client forward in a chair
▪ Moving client back in a chair
▪ Sitting to standing from chair
▪ Sitting to standing from edge of bed
▪ Standing to sitting on chair
▪ Assisted walking.
▪ The falling patient
▪ Turning in bed
▪ Fitting and removing flat slide sheets.
▪ Fitting and removing tubular sheets.
▪ Sliding the supine client up/down the bed
▪ Sliding the seated client up/down bed
▪ Standing transfer bed to chair/chair to bed
▪ Seated transfer from bed to chair/ chair to bed
▪ Transfer from chair to chair/commode
▪ Fitting a sling with client in bed
▪ Fitting sling in bed using slide sheets
▪ Fitting a sling with client in chair
▪ Fitting sling in chair with slide sheets

▪ Hoisting from bed to chair Hoisting from chair to bed.
▪ Hoisting client from floor
▪ Use of stand-aid

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